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National Strike Australia
National Strike Australia
End the Belligerent Occupation!
Strike Actions

The Strike Campaigns includes Instructional videos, Instructional documents, Questions and Answers and Letter templates
Please use social media offered for any questions
Questions and Answer videos will be uploaded from time to time
Questions and Answer document will be updated from time to time
Check back regularly to see updates 

                                                        It's lift off time!
                                                     Time for Action!!!!!!!

​                Come join the National Strikers and start actioning the campaigns 

Council Campaign

Occupational Health and Safety - Anti-Fluoride Campaign

Bills of Exchange Campaign

Connect Up Campaign


Revenue Strike campaigns are a medium and long term strike action

These are strategic campaigns to co-ordinate and consolidate our collective "Purchasing Power" in lawfully stop contributing to the Belligerent Occupiers Treasuries

This is a way to frustrate and resist the monetary slavery the Belligerent Occupiers have created


Each Campaign will have its own folder of information

Each folder will contain,  Instruction Video, Letter Template/s which can be printed out or written by hand, Information sheet,  Question and Answers information and any Question and Answer video recordings on the topic

All Support teams are volunteers who have dedicated their time to learn and up skill to assist all Aussies


This type of National Strike Action totally frustrate the Belligerent Occupation. And will tell them that we know they are  Belligerent and the living woman and man on this continent will no longer tolerate the Belligerent Occupiers


Active participation in National Strike Actions is your choice. Depending on your life's circumstances, you choose which  National Strike Actions are suitable for you to participate in. 



By participating in the National Strike and continuing to be engaged with the strategic advice and directions on offer, you will truly learn who you are and what your true standing on this land is,

You will be empowered in ways you didn't realise was possible.