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National Strike Australia
National Strike Australia
End the Belligerent Occupation!

NOTE: if you have issues signing up, please contact the NSA team at contact(at)nationalstrikeaustralia(dot)org

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To ye I say I am no slave and as a free man I have the right to make war upon them as they do to me,
my family, and to my nation Australia.
To all of ye I say, make one with me against these Central Bankers, Child Traffickers, and Secret Societies who look upon us as Goyim, Useless Eaters, Swine and Cattle. 

The National Strike Vote Count will remain open until the end (December 2024). 
You are urged to endorse and vote for this National Strike and also urged to get your friends, family, 

work mates and neighbours to endorse and vote for the National Strike motion as well.

Overwhelming support must be demonstrated on a National basis for the Strike Actions being called for. 

So as to Demonstrate to this Belligerent Occupation and to the world - that they have lost all control of the Australian population

The vote count is updated every three hours. 
If you click on the map it may prevent you scrolling further down the page to see the National Strike Motion 

Motion to Strike


Commo John Wilson created this on 9th February 2024


Australia is under belligerent occupation and Australia and her people have had their national and individual sovereignty usurped by an Occupying Power.

This Occupying Power is not a nation state but rather a global crime syndicate comprised of a cartel of international central bankers, other transnational corporations and multiple international government agencies.

Using a fake and engineered Australian Constitution and a fake and engineered raft of fictitious corporations, these central bankers and their Australian insider traitors (bound together by secret oaths, secret handshakes and secret covenants) have enslaved the Australian people under a tyrannical regime encompassing a complete loss of rights and freedoms, underpinned by the most savage and aggressive surveillance state.


Moved: John James Wilson

(Commo John).

Seconded: Riccardo Bosi

That I, John James Wilson (commonly known as Commo John) call upon all Australians to support and participate in a National Strike to make Australia ungovernable.

The purpose of the National Strike is to end the belligerent occupation and then totally remove the Occupying Power which has usurped Australia's national sovereignty and therefore the individual sovereignty of every Australian.

The National Strike being called for encompasses, but is not exclusively made up of the following actions:

1) Non-payment and refusal to pay any invoiced demands for monies from all layers of the Belligerent Occupiers (including their fraudulent agents) including rates, fines and taxes;

2) Refusal to recognise and or co-operate whatsoever with all the Belligerent Occupier's law enforcement including their paramilitary police and all their fraudulent courts of law and sheriffs;

3) To promote and publicly support the National Strike by urging friends, work mates, neighbours and family to adopt this motion and participate or contribute in any way they are able;

4) To refuse to pay any rent payments on any dwelling occupied by a National Striker - or indeed any commercial premises that a National Striker uses for a business premises;

5) To refuse to pay any mortgage payments to any bank or financial institution including building societies;

6) To defend all Australian children against the evil scourge of institutional paedophilia and child abductions by the Belligerent Occupier's courts of law, paramilitary police, and their child trafficking apparatus clothed as child protectors.

7) This motion names and appoints John James Wilson known as Commo John as our National Spokesman and Co-ordinator for all strike action.

The National Strike will continue until:

- the Governor General of Australia, His Excellency General David John Hurley, AC, DSC, FTSE dissolves the Australian Federal Parliament and appoints a new Executive Council in accordance with the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia 1901 with the limited responsibilities to:

- end all government actions with respect to COVID, and

- rehabilitate the federal electoral system to allow the legitimate electors of Australia to elect freely and fairly a new federal parliament.